About us

DFM SYSTEMS is a well established company operating in many parts of the World including Ireland, UK, GCC Countries, New Zealand and Australia providing a comprehensive service in the production and management of Project Handover Documentation for the Construction Industry.

Our products include both paper based solutions and electronic / digital solutions.

We employ experienced engineers and advanced software solutions to provide our clients with accurate documentation in a user friendly system – either in paper copy or electronically over the clients Intranet or externally over the Internet.

Who are we?

DFM SYSTEMS was formed to combine the specialist services required in the production of Project Handover Documentation with current computer technology, to provide building owners and managers with a single point repository for the vast amount of information, drawings etc. needed to operate and maintain today’s modern buildings.


Project handover documentation has long been a time consuming and often rushed job, left to the end of a project and then not usually given the attention needed due to the pressure of ‘getting on with the next project’.

Building owners are now demanding (and are entitled to) detailed and organised Operations and Maintenance Manuals. Responding to this challenge, services contractors are now outsourcing the production of handover documentation to companies specialising in providing the information in an organised and presentable way.

DFM SYSTEMS can produce O&M manuals in paper copy or electronically. We have in excess of 15 years experience and employ engineers, qualified in technical writing, to ensure that all project documentation is complete and handed over to our clients satisfaction.