Providing asset information and intelligence to the asset manager

Modern buildings now represent a significant property, plant and equipment portfolio needed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the occupants and users of the building. It is the role of the asset manager to ensure that these assets can provide these services in a sustainable way well into the future. The challenge is to have funds available at the right time to provide an agreed quality standard or level of service.

SPM – DFM SYSTEMS partner in New Zealand and Australia – has developed SPM Assets, a software application tool that can be used to implement this risk based asset management planning approach. The modules of the software guide the user through the process of first collecting the right data, then analysing it to determine financial models, and to finally make project level decisions based on priority and funding. Our software provides you with ‘Asset Intelligence’.

Where organisations may have good information on their current assets, they often have to guess the data needed for asset planning. Where storing the asset data within your current asset management system or similar will be possible, it is often quite challenging to access the data in the way you need to. An asset register should provide you with the ability to add, change, and delete asset data. It should also allow you to analyse it, report it, and generally interrogate it. This is what provides you with Asset Intelligence and ensures that you gain the value from the time and money spent collecting and maintaining the data. Sounds easy! However, it is often the reverse – uploading the data is easy but viewing, interrogating, analysing, and reporting can be quite challenging and as a result, the value from the data is never fully recognised.

The SPM-DFM Assets software application acts as an Asset Register that enables the interrogation, analysing, and reporting using intuitive and easy to use functions. Ideally, the asset data is held in SPM-DFM Assets at the lowest level and passed to the corporate financial asset register at an aggregated level needed for valuations and associated transactions. Data maintenance activities are undertaken within SPM-DFM Assets including the use of the Mobile Condition and Performance Assessment solution.

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