Building Control (Amendment) Regulations

Changes to the Irish Building Control Regulations came into effect on the 1st March 2014. The introduction of S.I. 9 has imposed a significant body of work on Construction teams, both at the professional consultancy side and the Contractor and Sub-contractor side. In introducing BC(A)R the Department of the Environment implemented a Building Control Management Systems (BCMS) – a web based system to manage the commencement notice process and to provide oversight and control of how construction projects are to be undertaken in the Ireland.

The intent of the amendment to the regulations is to enact what was already in place in the Building Control Act of 1990 and to provide building owners as consumers with a better means of auditing and assessing new construction.

Building Owners must now undertake new statutory duties. These include making a number of appointments – most notably, the ‘Assigned Certifier’, the ‘Design Certifier’ and the ‘Builder’. All of these appointments must demonstrate evident of competency. The building owner is essentially responsible for ensuring that an appropriate level of professional resources are made available to design, construct, inspect and certify new development projects.

The introduction of the new regulations has resulted in the need to better manage the large volumes of documentation associated with any construction project. Part of this includes the implementation of a clear and reportable inspection regime during the course of construction. On any but the smallest of projects this is resulting in a significant administration nightmare – costing time and money. In particular, projects which have multiple professional disciplines need to co-ordinate multiple specialist inspections. The Assigned Certifier is responsible for ensuring this is done with ‘due care and diligence’.

DFM SYSTEMS have developed a software solution to manage the inspection process from commencement to completion and to intelligently store and co-ordinate information collected during the project.

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