Project Handover File

It’s no secret that the handover documentation aspect of construction projects is often left until just before P.C. and can then cause problems when trying to source documentation for some elements that were completed many months ago.

Often, clients receive this critical information many months after the building is operational. These issues and information gaps can leave clients seriously exposed, particularly in the event of a man made or natural disaster such as fire, earthquake or flooding, or any major issue with the building.

The late delivery of the Project Handover / Closeout file can also lead to a withholding of retention monies etc. and can holdup final payments on projects.

A growing trend exists internationally in relation to construction handover documentation for capital projects, moving towards a modern digital strategy. Adopting this strategy means that compliance detail, consents, certification and drawings can now become immediately available to multiple people as required. As-built information about the project is delivered in electronic format, and can be made available in a number of secure and accessible ways including on-line and on the client’s network. A key benefit is that documentation can be readily accessed and updated

DFM SYSTEMS have developed a methodology and software solution, to ensure that the Project Handover / Closeout File is completed on time and that clients receive all required as built handover documentation for construction projects on time, giving them instant access to critical documentation.

Instead of incomplete paper records the client receives all reviewed and approved handover documentation at the end of a project in digital format within an agreed table of contents and structure, in the form of a Digital Facility Manual.

Our innovative service and solution means we are now taking a leading role on behalf of our clients to request, co-ordinate and gather specific pre-agreed information during the construction of a building. We collate and review this detailed information on-line with the design team and construction team to ensure it is complete and accurate, before handing the Digital Facilities Manual over to clients as a tool to operate and maintain their building safely and efficiently.

Importantly, this fresh approach delivers quality as-built construction handover documentation and provides a reliable foundation for lifecycle expenditure forecasting and asset management planning.

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