CDE - Common Data Environment

Manage all of your projects in one, easy-to-use platform and take full control of your documents within a centralized data repository.

CDE / Project Document Management

Share, manage and collaborate on documents in one secure, easy-to-access location

Track all RFIs in one place with a comprehensive register. Open an RFI and see what has been discussed so far, who has responded, and what needs to be done next.

Attaching technical documentation to your submittals has never been easier. Designate multiple approvers and commentators for each submittal.

Easy to use Workflows manage the approval process and ensure that all RFIs are answered on time.

Document Management

Coordinate and control all of your documents from anywhere with a centralized document management system, keeping both your project and team on track.

Collate & index all your documents on one platform to optimize collaboration
Effectively manage who sees documents & viewer editing permissions

Asset Information Management

Utilizing the SPM Assets software, track and manage assets across all of your facilities through a single platform. View and edit 3D asset models and extract crucial asset information from the repository with ease.

Incorporating a streamlined interface and intuitive functions, teams can perform risk-based asset management, determine financial models, and make project-level decisions through a single digital platform.

Design Collaboration

Collaborate effectively between your teams and share expertise throughout the design process. Receive as-built drawings every step of the way through your project to make informed design decisions.

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