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Traditionally, the Project Handover File / Safety File is delivered in paper as a set of folders containing the Operation and Maintenance manuals, Technical Datasheets and paper copies of the As-Built drawings. This can result in delivering over 100 lever arch type folders containing a single copy of the documentation needed (500 or 600 folders when additional copies are needed. This is both a time consuming and costly process requiring many manhours to collect, collate, print and index everything – total cost of printing a single copy (100 folders) is approx. €15,000 (and that is just for printing). Typical project requiring 3 sets of handover documents can incur costs of over €50,000.

InControl DFM was designed with the end user in mind, our system ensures seamless transfer of information throughout the entire lifecycle of the building. Our involvement at the beginning of a project avoids wasting time gathering useless information and instead invests time gathering & reviewing key information that will be needed by the building owner and the FM team when the building is occupied.
BIM has brought many great advances to the Construction Industry and is a major driver in digitising this sector. Recent reports from the McKinsey have ranked construction as the second least digitised sector – agriculture is the only sector that ranked lower in terms of digitising.

Building owners are finding it difficult to understand the benefits that BIM can bring to FM and this is often attributed to the fact that they generally see BIM as Building Information Modelling i.e. 3D models which can be difficult to navigate by those not used to using tools such as Navisworks or Solibri Model Viewer etc.
We created DFM Live to give building owners a single resource for all operation and maintenance information including the information originally handed over at the end of construction together with any updates, service records, maintenance dockets etc uploaded during the life of the building. DFM Live allows external maintenance contractors access the O&M Manuals for the equipment that they are maintaining and allows the building owner view and store completed maintenance records uploaded by the maintenance contractor.
We have developed a unique method of integrating O&M manuals, technical data sheets, commissioning records etc. with a 3D model as part of a BIM handover to BIM Level 2. Our integration provides a seamless bridge between the 3D geometry model and the handover documentation (Safety File and O&M Manuals) giving the end user (building owner) easy access to the handover documentation either through a user-friendly safety file interface or through the 3D model without overloading the 3D model. The solution means that the end user can easily update the handover / O&M file without needing to update the 3D model unless the geometry has changed.

Documentation contained in the Digital O&M system includes all as-built drawings, technical and product data for all work packages, operating & maintenance procedures, a detailed as- built asset register, warranty information and all compliance and commissioning certification – all linked to the 3D Model.
CDE Management is innovative software designed to address every aspect of document management & collaboration  
Avoid time consuming COBie integration with InControl DFM, our custom software capable of importing raw COBie data and merging it into a single database, exporting the completed data, and creating clear COBie data visualisations. All through a single user-friendly interface.